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 Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 Goal! AAS specializes in the most advanced touch up paint in the industry.
It is a 100% permanent fix and 100% guaranteed! We travel to automobile dealerships statewide to service their automobiles making used inventory look new again.

We use several techniques, depending on the vehicle, which includes claying, buffing, waxing, clear coat, sealant and ,of course, our specialized PPG paint.

Some think we are taking work away from recon departments or body shops. This couldn't be further from the truth we work with your recon department not against it. If we find a vehicle with light scratching we will always ask if you'd prefer your recon team to buff the vehicle. There are, however vehicles that require a professional paint specialist. As for the body shop, we know our limits. If a car needs a bumper sprayed or if there is extensive damage, we will let a manager know that they should contact their body shop. However, most used vehicles on the lot have road rash on the hood and rear panels, chips around the door jams and of course, scratches. This is where we come in, we will make your vehicles look new again!

According to Kelley Blue Book paint makes a $1000.00 difference!

Paint Chip & Restoration System offers the best possible solution with an onsite repair that takes just minutes. It is a simple three-step method that fills the chip with paint and then is wiped off so that no excess paint is left to have that touched-up look. The vehicle, at normal viewing distances, looks as though it has just been waxed. Imagine the value of such results and for just pennies on the dollar. 

Your other option would be to have the hood painted using your body shop, with costs ranging from $250 to $900 or more. The expense, as well as the time off the lot negatively impacts potential earnings for dealerships. AAS staff average 30-90 minutes per automobile with product drying within 5 minutes!

Many people do not understand the difference between Reconditioning buffing and Paint Correction

If you were to go online and look at pricing for all detailers around the state, you will find machine polishing starts around $75.00. These low prices are offering to shine your vehicle using some type of wax, they do not remove scratches. This service on average takes around 45min, less if you are experienced.  If you do find a detailers website that offers paint correction it will always say “call for quote”. Their quotes will always be $1,000.00+++ if you are talking about the entire vehicle. The $500.00 price that we offer (dealerships only) has been our most requested option from all our accounts due to the amazing transformation and the “wow” factor heard by our customers. These jobs take anywhere from 1-3 days to complete! If you feel that price is too expensive we will gladly train your recon department on the correct tools, product and procedure to do this in house while we will continue to repair chips, scratches and road rash through our touch up paint service.

Reconditioning Departments typically use a glaze which is a wax with fillers. Fillers fill in scratches with colored wax. Glaze is widely accepted in body shops since you cannot seal the paint after freshly painting a vehicle for about a month. The paint releases gasses during this time and if the paint is properly sealed it will cause it to bubble. The problem with using a glaze is the longevity. It will wash off after the first rain storm or the next time the vehicle is washed. You cannot apply a paint sealant over a wax or glaze hoping to increase longevity, a sealant has to chemically bond to the paint. This means every customer in the past who opted to buy a warranty type of paint sealant or coating probably did not have it correctly applied.

Paint Correction is the process of permanently removing scratches through abrasion, by wet sanding, compounding, polishing and sealing. There are 3 layers of paint on most of today’s cars. First the vehicle is sprayed with a primer. Second, the vehicle is sprayed with the desired color. Third and final, the vehicle is sprayed with clear coat.

Common defects that occur while in Recon or Wash Bays:

Swirl Marks and Marring: are commonly made while washing the vehicle using a brush versus a grout sponge.

Water, Acid Etching:  Water spots are on almost every car on every lot. This is because vehicles are not dried after being washed. Water contains minerals which left too long on the vehicle will etch the clear coat or worse.

Buffer Marks, and Hologramming:  These are a signs of an inexperienced person machine polishing a vehicle.

We do not use any product that has a filler such as a glaze. All our work is 100% Permanent and 100% Guaranteed.
    We are a fully licensed and insured.

We provide you with an inventory that will eliminate the haggle process, increase sales and profit and leave your customers telling others how you went the extra mile.

I hope you find this information useful and we earn you as a loyal customer for years to come!


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