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Proudly Serving Greater Portland Since 2010

"If you are in the retail business selling automobiles, you understand perfect exterior condition of an automobile demands higher profits and takes haggling out of the equation.

Get the higher profits and a better product to your customers.

Separate your company from the competition.

Bringing on Advanced Auto Solutions has drastically improved the appearance of our lot, brought up sales and helps keep our customers happy."

Matthew Martin

Sales Manager - Emerson Toyota


"Eric has been doing work for us at Varney Chevrolet for over four years. His paint repair has given many of our vehicles the extra touch needed to help us sell more units and that's what it's all about. We would recommend you to give Advanced Auto Solutions a try."

Jerry Freeman

General Manager - Varney Chevrolet

"Thank you!! Picked up the Denali last night. Looked good in the dark. Woke up this morning with the light beaming off truck and WOW! I am blown away with the job you did for me. You are very talented and I am grateful for your time and expertise.
Going forward I will set up a detailing program with you to keep the Denali looking sharp.
It's a show truck master piece!!"

​Jon Morrill

Vice President - Kittery Trading Post